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What type of cleaning device should be ion an RV?

Keeping a Cordless Hand Vacuum in an RV

We know that cordless vacuums are great around the house, but what about for your home on wheels!If there's any place that makes sense to have a cordless hand vacuum, it's an RV or motorhome. With such a confined environment, it doesn't take long for this kind of space to get dirty quick! However, vacuum cleaners of a conventional size are too cumbersome and take up too much space. A handheld unit will be much more maneuverable; plus there is no cord to get in the way! That's an added bonus where every inch of space counts!

What else can cordless vacuums do?

Using a Cordless Vacuum to Get Rid of Dust Bunnies

Forget the dust spray and rag! A cordless hand vacuum can work wonders at light dusting around the house. Armed with a crevice tool attachment, one can reach and suck up cobwebs in a corner, get in touch with those dusty areas behind video cabinets and even lightly suck up the dust and debris that likes to gather up behind computers and other electronics.

What else can a hand held vacuum do?

A Cordless Hand Held Vacuum as a Retrieval System

A cordless hand held vacuum is an essential tool in workstation areas such as woodworking shops, gardening areas and sewing rooms. Compact and convenient, the powerful suction makes cleaning up a breeze with no worries about leaving unkempt clutter laying about. The nice thing is, with bagless hand vacuums, the unit doubles as a retrieval system. Losing a pin or part under the table simply means vacuuming it up and fishing it back out!

Is there a way to interest children in helping clean?

A Small Vacuum Cleaner Means Kids Can Help

Children's play areas are an ideal spot for a handheld vacuum. Not only is it handy for cleaning up glitter, paper or eraser rubbings, a small vacuum cleaner is easily maneuverable even for young hands. Good lessons come from letting children help and vacuuming is one of the first chores small children learn to do because it is relatively safe and easy. When it comes to kids, a cordless hand vacuum is a best bet, leaving no room for tripping or getting tangled.

What things help to keep ants and bugs out of a kitchen?

A Cordless Hand Vacuum Keeps a Kitchen Spotless

One of the best ways to keep ants from invading is to make them think there's nothing worth invading your house for! A cordless hand vacuum in the kitchen is perfect for quick pick-ups and crumb busting after meals. A hand held vacuum cleaner is a priceless, non-toxic tool that can aid in the fight to keep little raiders such at bay. Hopefully, if you keep their food source away, you won't need to worry about using toxic bug killers that can harm your family and pets.

Can vacuuming help allergies?

Using a Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner to Do Away with Allergies

A hand held vacuum is necessary for households with upholstered furniture; especially those households with pets and allergy sufferers living together. Dust and animal dander can settle deeply into furniture fabrics, making them dull and breaking down fibers. Giving furniture a quick once-over during weekly cleanings with a hand held vacuum cleaner will not only keep furniture looking new, but it will cut down on pet hair and dust in the air. This will hopefully be good news for allergy sufferers who will see their symptoms lessen.

What is a good way to clean stairs?

Using a Hand Held Vacuum to Clean Stairs

Stairs, the most heavily trafficked route in the house, really take a beating in the course of everyday life. Lugging a vacuum up and down a flight stairs so you can clean is not only a cumbersome task, it can also be dangerous! A better idea is to opt for a hand held vacuum. Better yet, when stairs are carpeted, opt for a hand held with a revolving brush, perfect for bringing up the dirt stuck in the fibers. If you opt for a canister vacuum, try to use one that has a hose with attachments. This allows you to leave the canister at the bottom of the stairs, while you vacuum each step with the hose.

What can hand vacuums do when it comes topets?

Using a Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner to Clean up Pet Messes

Thank goodness we love our pets despite the messes they make! Hand vacuums are just the thing for quick touch-ups around our beloved animal's home or litter box. While strong enough to pick up food pellets or cat litter, messes that land on carpet actually call for a hand held vacuum cleaner with rotating brush that can sweep up debris.

Is the a way to make cleaning less of a chore?

Fun and Function in a Cordless Hand Vacuum

It's been known for years that when you put fun with functional, cleaning won't seem like such a chore. The Dirt Devil Kone cordless hand vacuum takes this idea to heart. In a decorative case that doubles as a charger, this can go in the RV or even off to college and fit right in the dorm. It's eye-catching because it comes in a variety of colors, as well. It just might encourage a little tidying up every once in a while too!

What type of vacuum should I use to clean my car?

Using a Cordless Handheld Vacuum to Clean Your Car

When it comes time to clean your car, you need a hand held vacuum for small spaces. Vacuum attachments can get under and between seats. For instance, a crevice tool gets into the creases of seats, seals and doorjambs. Not only is it doing away with grungy debris, its improving the lifespan of the vehicle's interior. A cordless hand held vacuum means you can maneuver throughout the car without having to stop and untangle yourself from pesky cords!

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