When Purchasing Robotic Vacuums Makes Sense

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Is a robotic vacuum right for me?

When Purchasing Robotic Vacuums Makes Sense

You've probably seen the commercials or maybe even had coffee with a friend while their robotic vacuum did the cleaning. These are convenient devices and robotic vacuums can be a great choice if:

  • you like the idea of something that can not only vacuum without requiring your presence, but will clean under beds, tables and other spaces an upright vacuum can't.
  • your schedule is busy or you feel it would be nice to have a way to touch up your home in between regular cleaning routines.
  • you have a medical condition that prevents or makes vacuuming difficult or impossible.
  • you just don't care for the chore of vacuuming or would like to shorten your list of chores.

Upon purchasing a unit, read the owner's manual and instructions thoroughly. A robot vacuum runs on a rechargeable NiMH battery that will need to power up for a specific amount of time when it first comes out of the box.



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