Give Your Car Touch-Ups in Between its Maintenance Routine

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What can One Do to Keep a Car's Interior Looking Good?

Give Your Car Touch-Ups in Between its Maintenance Routine

Cleaning out your car is never on the top of anyone's list of fun things to do. However, it has to be done from time to time, especially if you have kids or drive a carpool. With all those trips around town, your car is bound to collect dirt, debris and maybe even someone's after school snack. For light maintenance until your next major vehicle cleaning, a handheld vacuum is the perfect size for use as a car vacuum. A quick one or two minute touch-up removes dirt, sand and debris that will otherwise build up, then break down the fibers of a car's upholstery. Not only will the carpeting and fabric in the car look great and last longer, vehicles with an intact interior retain a better resale value than those that do not. So it's worth those extra few minutes of cleaning because down the road, it might actually put some money in your pocket.



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