Retractable Hoses for the Central Vacuum System

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Are the Hoses for a Central Vacuum System Cumbersome?

Retractable Hoses for the Central Vacuum System

If the idea of lugging 24 to 36-foot vacuum hoses out of a closet or storage area is unappealing, there is also the option of choosing a central vacuum system that has retractable hosing units that will glide right in and out of the wall. A single outlet can allow up to 50 feet of hose in one area, cutting down on the number of outlets a home will need. All one really has to do is store the vacuum head. The system uses its powerful suction to pull the hose safely back into its PVC plumbing when done. An added plus is that while having a retractable system is often laid better when a house is in the midst of being built, homeowners can still enjoy the perks of having this system in their home, regardless of its age.



5/23/2007 5:35:12 PM
Tanya said:

I've never heard of a retractable hose for central vac systems but would like to know more!


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