Cleaning Carpets Gives Allergies the One, Two Punch

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Will Shampooing a Carpet Help My Allergies?

Cleaning Carpets Gives Allergies the One, Two Punch

Animal dander can last for years in a carpet and aggravate the sensitivities of allergy sufferers long after Fido or Mittens have left the building. With a regular cleaning routine that involves vacuuming with a HEPA filter and the use of carpet shampoo machines, allergy sufferers sensitive to animal dander, pollen and other airborne allergens can see a reduction in symptoms by 37 percent.

With 63 percent of American households having pets, it's a pretty good bet that the previous occupant of your new address probably had an animal or two. It's always a good idea to thoroughly clean carpets with a carpet shampooer to remove any pet hair or dander before moving in to a new place. This will keep pre-existing allergens from settling into your furniture or bedding.



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