Keeping Allergy Vacuums in the Best Condition

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How can I keep my allergy vacuum in good condition?

Keeping Allergy Vacuums in the Best Condition

To keep an allergy vacuum in tiptop shape and help it retain its air filtering quality, the vacuum bag should be changed every month and HEPA filter replacement should occur every six to eight months. At about that time, the HEPA filter will have likely become clogged, losing its ability to keep airborne pollutants out of the air. While some filters on a vacuum are washable, HEPA filters on vacuums are made of a paper and fiberglass material that cannot be washed. A good way to never miss changing your vacuum bag at the right time is to change it every time you pay your bills each month. A good way to remember to never miss changing the HEPA filter is to change it every time you see a dentist, once every six months or so.



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