HEPA Air Purifiers Make a Difference

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Why have HEPA air purifiers in your home?

HEPA Air Purifiers Make a Difference

Studies have shown that the air inside a home can, in fact, be worse than the air outside. While well-constructed homes are meant to be air tight and energy efficient, they are also locking in a lot of bad pollution. On top of that, when those with allergies vacuum their homes without HEPA filters, they are releasing dirt, dust, pollen and other particulates back into the air around them. Studies have also shown that HEPA filters clean the air well enough to clean computer labs and in hospitals. When looking to clean up indoor air pollution at a home or office, not only can using vacuums with HEPA filters make a difference, but also having HEPA air purifiers in the room can do away with up to a third of an allergy sufferer's symptoms.



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