The Benefit of Allergy Vacuum Cleaners

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What benefits do allergy vacuums have?

The Benefit of Allergy Vacuum Cleaners

Generally, an allergy to dust is an allergy to any one of the pollutants floating in the air, such as lint, animal dander, bacteria, dirt, ragweed, even mold. A majority of allergy sufferers are actually allergic to dust mites. Keeping allergies at a controllable level means taking an active role in one's environment. Compared to sufferers who do not have allergy vacuum cleaners, those who use a HEPA filter vacuum not only dramatically improve the indoor air quality of their home, they actually deal with symptoms less and less and for shorter periods of time. Since the worst time of year for indoor allergies is winter because furnaces kick up old dust, a regular routine of filter changing, dusting and using a vacuum with a HEPA filter are highly recommended.



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