When an Animal Hair Vacuum Starts to Smell

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What is the smell coming from the vacuum (not burning)?

When an Animal Hair Vacuum Starts to Smell

Animals have a natural oil to their hair that makes it stick to carpet and clothing. It's what gives your pooch that "doggy smell." At times, a foul odor can come from an animal hair vacuum when it is turned on. This is the result of bacteria feeding on the oil and dander in the vacuum bag, which releases a not-so-nice aroma. The best thing to do is to immediately get rid of the bag to an outside dumpster. Wipe up, but do not soak, the inside of the vacuum and change its filter. Leave the vacuum outside for a few days if necessary; then before installing a new bag, sprinkle a favorite carpet freshener inside the bag. When the vacuum is turned on, it should emit a much improved aroma.



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