Don't Just Rely on a Pet Hair Vacuum to Do the Job

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Don't Just Rely on a Pet Hair Vacuum to Do the Job

Dirt Devil Tip: In a residence where pets have the run of the house, avoid furniture, draperies, pillows, bedding or any other surface that is made of microfiber. This type of fabric is well-known to be a magnet for animal hair and will have an animal hair vacuum working overtime. However, with pets, it's inevitable you'll need to clean your home. Consider a Dirt Devil Reaction Dual Cyclonic with bonus tools. The various attachments let you reach into crevices and corners in the home to get all the pet hair and dander. The vacuum not only offers cyclonic action, but double the cyclonic action, providing sustained suction power that lasts and better dirt separation. Also, the cyclonic action and HEPA filter reduce clogging, which increases the performance.



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