Stopping the Spill from Becoming a Stain

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What is the Best Way to Take Care of a Spill?

Stopping the Spill from Becoming a Stain

If you have carpet, you'll inevitably have a spill or two to that will send you running for the carpet cleaning supplies. The secret to stopping a stain before it starts is to attend to the spill immediately and remove as much of the product as possible using by blotting with an absorbent towel or preferably, using a portable carpet cleaning extractor. Many know that the best carpet cleaning strategy is to blot a spill with an absorbent white towel. However, to keep it from spreading to another location, carpet cleaning products should be sprayed around (and not in the center of) mishaps. By containing the perimeter and working inward, the spill will stay in a smaller area, instead of becoming an exasperating blemish that grows larger and larger. If you have a portable carpet cleaner, make sure it sprays cleaning solution in a concentrated form and scrubs the carpet.



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