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What Else Can a Central Vacuum System Do Besides Vacuum?

Other Novel Uses For Everyday Items

A central vacuum has been found to have many uses besides keeping the house clean. Other uses that have been discovered for the system:

Vacuum sealing device : use the central vacuum hose with airtight plastic bags. Removing the air keeps bedding, seasonal clothing or a wedding dress fresh and makes them easy to store.

Mattress inflator : connecting a small hose to the exhaust vent that blows air out of the system and inserting onto the valve can inflate a large mattress in 20 to 30 seconds flat!

No-mess fly swatter and bug eliminator : Avoid spraying chemicals in the house and use your central vacuum to eliminate invaders! Systems eliminate bugs immediately and there's no worry of bugs crawling back through pipes.

Where Can I Find Out How to Install My Central Vacuum System>

Help is Always There!

When looking for instructions on how to install a central vacuum, always refer to the manufacturer's instructions. However, when those are not available or more help is needed, the manufacturer's website will have not only a number for customer service, but a complete manual or guide that can be downloaded and printed if necessary. From system planning to installing outlets and running pipes, information will be readily available so homeowners can get the most out of their central vacuum system.

Will I Have to Get a New Version of a Central Vacuum System Every Year?

Central Vacuum Systems Never Grow Old

Homeowners need not worry about installing a central vacuum system that will become outdated. Any central vacuum parts that need to be replaced can be found with ease and new components can be installed quite regularly to update the system. Whether you need to replace a worn belt or an intake valve, finding parts will never be a problem. Adaptor kits can be installed in inlet valves in order to use certain attachment kits if necessary. Attachment kits can range from traditional vacuum cleaner heads to dust mop attachments for hardwood floors to even vacuum seal nozzles that will adeptly vacuum seal bags of food, clothing or a number of other items!

What Should I Consider if I Want a Central Vacuum System?

Things to Consider When Choosing a Central Vaccuum System?

Are you in the market for a new vacuum? When deciding which central vacuum cleaners will work best in your home, you must, first and foremost, base the decision on your needs.

Things to consider when choosing a system:

  • how large is the home or building in which the unit will be installed?
  • are there a lot of hardwood floors or is it all carpet?
  • is the noise factor of great or little importance?
  • will you want an air-powered or electric-powered brush system to clean with?

The Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) reports that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in the average home can be anywhere from two to five times worse than the air outside. With people spending 90 percent of time indoors, central vacuum cleaners make sense for many homeowners.

Are the Hoses for a Central Vacuum System Cumbersome?

Retractable Hoses for the Central Vacuum System

If the idea of lugging 24 to 36-foot vacuum hoses out of a closet or storage area is unappealing, there is also the option of choosing a central vacuum system that has retractable hosing units that will glide right in and out of the wall. A single outlet can allow up to 50 feet of hose in one area, cutting down on the number of outlets a home will need. All one really has to do is store the vacuum head. The system uses its powerful suction to pull the hose safely back into its PVC plumbing when done. An added plus is that while having a retractable system is often laid better when a house is in the midst of being built, homeowners can still enjoy the perks of having this system in their home, regardless of its age.

Why Should I Choose a Central Vacuum System?

Choosing a Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum system is a cleaning system built right into a structure's walls. An arrangement of tubing leads to a centrally located power unit that is typically located in a garage or basement. To operate the system, lightweight, bendable hosing is inserted into a wall or floor outlet.

Choose this system if:

  • you have many stairs in the house or a medical condition that makes lugging a heavy vacuum up and down a flight of steps dangerous or unreasonable
  • you need to keep noise pollution to a minimum
  • you want to increase the value of your home

A central vacuum is highly recommended for homes with occupants who suffer from chronic respiratory illness. Nasal allergy symptoms can be reduced by as much as 47 percent, eye symptoms by 61 percent and the internal atmosphere quality can be improved by as much as 52 percent with this type of system.

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