Vacuuming Pet Hair Tips

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What should one look for in a good animal hair vacuum?

Traits Found on the Best Vacuum for Pet hair

In the market for a new vacuum? Do you also happen to have dogs or cats? The best vacuum for pet hair is one that not only has good suction, but a roller brush that will help sweep up hair from the carpet. Only with the regular, thorough treatment of a pet hair vacuum can one expect to get a hold on a shedding problem.

How can one take care of a pet hair vacuum?

Maintenance on a Pet Hair Vacuum

In the case of allergy sufferers, it is important that the vacuum bag of a pet hair vacuum be changed regularly, since pet dander can be reintroduced into the air through pores in a vacuum bag when it is too full. Although it will mean buying bags sooner, consider changing the vacuum bag before it hits the full mark. It will save the allergy sufferer much in the way of aggravated symptoms.

What is the smell coming from the vacuum (not burning)?

When an Animal Hair Vacuum Starts to Smell

Animals have a natural oil to their hair that makes it stick to carpet and clothing. It's what gives your pooch that "doggy smell." At times, a foul odor can come from an animal hair vacuum when it is turned on. This is the result of bacteria feeding on the oil and dander in the vacuum bag, which releases a not-so-nice aroma. The best thing to do is to immediately get rid of the bag to an outside dumpster. Wipe up, but do not soak, the inside of the vacuum and change its filter. Leave the vacuum outside for a few days if necessary; then before installing a new bag, sprinkle a favorite carpet freshener inside the bag. When the vacuum is turned on, it should emit a much improved aroma.

What should one get to get animal hair out of their car?

An Animal Hair Vacuum Just for the Car

So you've cleaned your house and rid your furniture of pet hair from your dogs and cats. But now, you must tackle the car in the driveway! Getting pet hair out of a car can be a daunting task as the hair shafts always seem to intertwine with a car's synthetic fibers. Laying down protective covers is always a good idea, but as it goes with pet hair, there is always some that needs to be cleaned up. An idea animal hair vacuum for cars will be one that has great suction and a brush bar.

What else can be done to cut back pet hair?

Don't Just Rely on a Pet Hair Vacuum to Do the Job

As pet hair contains a natural oil that makes it stick to fibers in carpet and on upholstery, it will likely take a combined effort of several methods to rid of or cut down on the amount of animal hair in a home. A routinely applied regimen that involves grooming the animal, vacuuming with a good pet hair vacuum, keeping pets outside or even changing an animal's diet to reduce shedding are possible options.

What special features should a pet hair vacuum have?

A Pet Hair Vacuum with Cyclonic Action Makes Sense

Those looking for a pet hair vacuum should consider the option of a vacuum with cyclonic action. Cyclonic action is able to provide a greater air stream that allows for a constant rate of suction. Dirt Devil has their own line of vacuum with dual cyclonic action and patented D2 technology. These vacuums also come with a HEPA filter that catches 100 percent of allergens.

What if there's too much hair for one vacuum?

Keeping Tasks Manageable with a Pet Hair Vacuum

For the house, let a larger vacuum with cyclonic action do the job of getting at pet hair; but for smaller tasks, set aside a handheld pet hair vacuum for areas such as the car, furniture or Fido's bedding. When finished using the pet vacuum, empty it immediately to do away with pet dander and any odors that may develop.

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