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How does Housweork Affect those with Illness?

You Don't Have to Be So Hard on Yourself!

When it comes to physical health, housework can be a taxing chore -- especially when it comes to vacuuming. There are times when not everybody can or should be doing housework. However, some vacuums have features that can make the task much easier:

  • A bagless vacuum can be emptied after each use, keeping it light and thereby avoiding muscle strain.
  • A self-propelled vacuum is perfect for those with joint and muscle pain, as are ergonomic handles that are also designed to protect joints.
  • A HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter catches 98.9 percent of pollens, dust, animal dander and other airborne pollutants that aggravate allergies.
  • Low noise and vibration vacuums guard against nerve damage.

Will Having a Bagless Vacuum Help or Hurt My Allergies?

Breathing Easy

In 1995, results from an EPA study on clean environments stated that the best way to keep dust from collecting was to vacuum thoroughly! Yet, one of the biggest sources of dust in many homes can be the vacuum itself. Unlike conventional vacuums, where dust particles can escape through pores in the bag, a bagless unit allows allergy sufferers to control this amount of dust and dirt by keeping the easy-access dust cup and filters clean.

What Type of Vacuum Can I Use for Light Maintenance?

Light Maintenance Vacuums

Vacuums have become an indispensable aspect of home maintenance. However, breaking out a heavy-duty vacuum can be cumbersome for smaller spaces in the home. Every household should also have a light-duty unit for taking care of dry spills and daily touch-ups in the kitchen or bathroom. A bagless stick vacuum is perfect for these jobs. The bag or waste reservoir is the perfect size for small spills and many vacuums of this type are interchangeable on carpeted and non-carpeted surfaces. It's great for sucking up crumbs off of linoleum and making a quick pass over carpeted stairs, it is also perfect for use in dorm rooms, motor homes and boats. A good example of this would be the Dirt Devil Power Stick.

How Can I Dump the Dirt Cup without Putting Dust Back in the Air?

Keeping It Clean While Dumping the Dirt

All vacuums require some sort of maintenance and the dust cup of a bagless vacuum cleaner will eventually need to be dumped. A single plastic grocery bag will be all it takes to make emptying the dust cup on a bagless vacuum a simple, hassle-free task. Put your hand inside the bag and with your bag-covered hand, grip the dust cup. Pull the bag over the cup. Give the reservoir a quick dump and pull the dust cup out, quickly tying off the bag. (Be sure to pick a bag that has no holes in it!)

Is a Bagless Vacuum Right for Me?

Choosing a Bagless Vacuum

The cyclonic action of a bagless vacuum uses technology that takes a stream of air and dirt and spins it in the vacuum like a mini-dirt tornado. The debris falls into a cup and the air stream moves out of the vacuum through a filter.

Choose a bagless vacuum cleaner if:

  • you have a high maintenance/active household (or any other environment) with children and/or pets. You are saving the expense of constantly buying vacuum bags and avoiding the aggravation of not having one when you need one. There is also the option of retrieving an item that was accidentally sucked up, which is common in households with children.
  • you want a vacuum with better air flow and HEPA filtration for allergies. Simply washing the pleated filter and replacing the HEPA filter once, maybe twice per year will keep your home and vacuum in tip-top shape.

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