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What do I do with worn out attachments?

Replacing Vacuum Attachments

Occasionally, it may become necessary to replace certain vacuum attachments. For allergy sufferers who vacuum furniture often, instruments like a vacuum brush and its bristles can wear down and not clean effectively. If you're trying to prevent allergens from affecting you, it's worth taking the time to have good vacuum attachments that do their job. In order to maintain the positive cleaning results of the past, you may need to contact an authorized dealer or the manufacturer's website to find the right replacement floorcare products. Sometimes, special attachments can also be found and ordered.

How often should I change bags and filters?

Changing Your Vacuum Cleaner Bags and Vacuum Filters

Most manufacturers of floorcare products have instructions on when to change vacuum cleaner bags and vacuum filters. In general, to make the most of your vacuum, change the bag monthly. The belt and HEPA filter should be changed every six months to work effectively. Check these things often if you tend to "put a lot of miles" on your vacuum. If you are a person with allergies and must clean often or live in an active household where vacuuming is a constant activity, you may have to modify the time frames in which you change the belt and bags. It might have to be more often, so simply pay attention to the suction power and check the belt regularly.

How do I find a vacuum accessory?

Finding the Unfindable Vacuum Accessory

If your search for a certain vacuum accessory seems like a hunt for the Holy Grail, find a local distributor by looking under "F"' for "floorcare products" in the phone book. Even if you don't find what you're looking for there, most companies and businesses in any particular industry know of each other and have contacts. They may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help you find what you're looking for. It's worth a try!

Are Cheaper Vacuum Parts a Good Idea?

Why Quality Vacuum Cleaner Parts are Necessary

Often in the search for vacuum cleaner parts, there are offers for generic or universal components at a cheaper price. Materials from which these parts are made will not match the quality of the vacuum cleaner and may end up affecting its entire performance. Just like putting an old tire on a new car as a replacement and calling it even, you could end up costing yourself an entire vacuum just to save a few bucks. Always stay with the original manufacturer's vacuum cleaner accessories.

To find floorcare products that seem to be unavailable in your area, go to the manufacturer's website and order there or find a local authorized dealer who can order parts for you.

What parts will I nee to repalce on my vacuum?

Replacing Floorcare Products

From mops to vacuums, there is an entire industry of floorcare products. In their everyday use, replacement parts will eventually become necessary. When it comes to vacuum accessories, vacuum belts and vacuum bags are the most commonly needed replacement parts. Because these are such common items needed in the household, you can typically find vacuum bags and belts at hardware stores and even larger stores, like Target and Wal-Mart. Even though you can find these in a variety of places, when it's time to vacuum, you don't want to find that you're out of bags. It is always a good idea to stock up on an extra bag.

Should I buy parts online from just anyone?

Be Sure Before You Buy Vacuum Parts Online

As with buying anything online, you must be careful when purchasing floorcare products over the Internet. You should take the time to ensure that the person or company you are purching vacuum parts from is an authorized dealer. This can end up saving you the hassle of spending money, getting the wrong parts, making a flurry of phone calls and a handful of other anxieties.

What parts do I need to inspect on my vacuum?

Inspecting Your Vacuum Tubes and Vacuum Hose

It is important to inspect the vacuum hose and all vacuum tubes and check for holes, splits or slits annually. Doing this will help you notice any problems because these issues will produce a radical reduction in your vacuum's ability to suck up dirt and clean your home effectively. In cases where replacement parts are needed, contact an authorized dealer that carries the floorcare products you need.

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