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What Does a Shop Vac Vacuum Do?

The Multi-functional Shop Vacuum

Shop vacuums are those that can be used to clean mishaps that are wet or dry and are meant to clean up large, heavy debris. These vacuums are perfect for heavy duty messes in garages or workshop environments with large machinery. They're also great for sucking up pieces or parts that fall into those out-of-the-way spots. After your vacuum sucks the item up, you can simply pop off the lid and retrieve it!

By using a tapered adaptor and flexible tubing, it is possible to connect one end of the hose to the dust port of a power hand tool and the other end to the nozzle on a shop vacuum, thereby creating a safe and secure miniature central dust collection system!

What are the Benefits of Usig an Industrial Vacuum

The Benefits of an Industrial Vacuum

An industrial vacuum is one that is used in construction sites and other industrial environments. It is not a unit used by the general public. Those in the manufacturing and construction industries will benefit not only from the cleanliness of their job sites, but they will also notice the difference it makes in their bottom line by reducing the need for certain types of excavation labor.

Companies that use an industrial vacuum, rather than manpower for excavating such things as dirt, sand and rock can lower the risk of injury to workers down to nearly zero. This type of vacuum improves efficiency and makes for a cleaner, safer work environment.

What Makes a Commercial Vacuum Commercial?

The Aspects of Commercial Vacuums

Commercial vacuums are built with sturdier components and are found in environments where it will play a large role in the day's activities. For instance, vacuums used in housecleaning services, hotels and janitorial services can expect to see more than 15 hours per week of use, while the average household vacuum cleaner sees approximately one hour per week. Upright, canister vacs, cart vacs and backpack vacuums are common sights throughout businesses and most are industry-specific, with the backpack vacuum providing the most productivity.

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