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How Does Cleaning Affect Health?

Canister Vacuums Require Less Exertion

When it comes to vacuum cleaners and your health, certain vacuums have advantages over others. In a University of Nebraska study of women who complained of angina symptoms during cleaning, upright vacuums were found to aggravate symptoms. A lightweight canister vacuum can help in these situations. They also have less vibration and noise to contribute to nerve damage. Long hoses and extensions mean no reaching and stooping, making it a perfect option for those with muscle or joint pain. Even though vacuuming is considered a chore, if you have medical problems, housework can be just as strenuous as a jog around the block. Be sure to consider this when choosing a vacuum.

What Types of Floor Can One Use a Canister Vaccuum On?

Canister Vacuums are Great for Hardwood Floors

Cleaning hardwood floors can be tricky. Small debris and dirt can easily scratch and break down its finish over time making it appear dull and even damaged. To keep this from happening, it is very important to rid the floor of all dust and debris before mopping. A canister vacuum with a soft bristled floor attachment will make short work and easily clean up dust, dirt, crumbs and pet hair. It will also make the floor look just that much cleaner.

What Can I do for My Pets When I Vacuum?

Pet-Friendly Vacuums

If you're looking for a "serene" vacuum experience, consider a canister vacuum. Of all the types of vacuum cleaners available, a canister vacuum tends to be the quietest. Aside from their ability to efficiently pick up pet hair on either carpeted or hard floor surfaces, the lower noise level will cause less stress on the sensitive ears of animals that don't particularly care for the racket other vacuums can make.

Should I Choose a Canister Vacuum?

Choosing a Canister Vacuum

Although upright vacuums can be found in 95 percent of American households, that's no reason to pass on canister vacuums. One of the determining factors for buying a vacuum is individual cleaning styles and requirements.

Consider a canister vacuum if:

  • you have a variety of floor surfaces to clean, such as hardwood, shag or berber.
  • you prefer quality over what conveniently-priced upright vacuums can offer.

Can a Canister Vacuum Help Someone with Allergies?

Canister Vacuums with HEPA Filters Can Save Allergy Sufferers

A major source of dust and other airborne allergens that give allergy sufferers such grief often hide in the surfaces and crevices of window treatments, drapes and blinds. Rather than give up beautiful home accents, allergy sufferers can opt for a canister vacuum that is not only meant to be maneuverable for cleaning such things as blinds and draperies, but also gentle enough to do the job without damaging the expensive decor. Add in a HEPA filter and there's no looking back! Simply take the long hose with a soft-bristled brush attachment and glide it along blinds and drapes. Be sure to lift up any flaps from your curtains to get underneath where dust can collect.

What Else Does a Canister Vacuum Do Besides Vacuum?

A Canister Vacuum Has a Wide Cleaning Range

Dust and cobwebs can congregate in the corners of a space (both top and bottom), giving a grungy, dull pallor to an otherwise spotless room. Unlike other vacuum cleaners, the long hose of a canister vacuum can help to effortlessly suck up and sweep away the dinginess with a crevice tool or a soft-bristled upholstery brush.

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