Choosing a Bagless Vacuum

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Is a Bagless Vacuum Right for Me?

Choosing a Bagless Vacuum

The cyclonic action of a bagless vacuum uses technology that takes a stream of air and dirt and spins it in the vacuum like a mini-dirt tornado. The debris falls into a cup and the air stream moves out of the vacuum through a filter.

Choose a bagless vacuum cleaner if:

  • you have a high maintenance/active household (or any other environment) with children and/or pets. You are saving the expense of constantly buying vacuum bags and avoiding the aggravation of not having one when you need one. There is also the option of retrieving an item that was accidentally sucked up, which is common in households with children.
  • you want a vacuum with better air flow and HEPA filtration for allergies. Simply washing the pleated filter and replacing the HEPA filter once, maybe twice per year will keep your home and vacuum in tip-top shape.



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