Canister Vacuums with HEPA Filters Can Save Allergy Sufferers

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Can a Canister Vacuum Help Someone with Allergies?

Canister Vacuums with HEPA Filters Can Save Allergy Sufferers

A major source of dust and other airborne allergens that give allergy sufferers such grief often hide in the surfaces and crevices of window treatments, drapes and blinds. Rather than give up beautiful home accents, allergy sufferers can opt for a canister vacuum that is not only meant to be maneuverable for cleaning such things as blinds and draperies, but also gentle enough to do the job without damaging the expensive decor. Add in a HEPA filter and there's no looking back! Simply take the long hose with a soft-bristled brush attachment and glide it along blinds and drapes. Be sure to lift up any flaps from your curtains to get underneath where dust can collect.



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