Using the Right Attachments for the Job

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What Attachments Should I Use to Clean My Car?

Using the Right Attachments for the Job

There are a thousand places for dirt and dust to build up in a car's interior and finding them can seem daunting. To really get a vehicle up to inspection standards, certain attachments are a must! For car upholstery cleaning, accessories such as a crevice tool and upholstery brush found on most standard vacuums can help make the interior of a car look extra clean and fresh!

Use an upholstery brush: gently on seats (front and back), sun visors, console, dashboard, gauges, vents and headliners

Use a crevice tool: in between seats, in the creases of seats, along door jambs and in between door seals, ashtrays, vents, cupholders and along all the vehicle's seams, a place where dirt and dust like to collect.



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