The Stick Vacuum and the Workstation

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What type of vacuum should be used at a craft or workstation?

The Stick Vacuum and the Workstation

Every craft table, workstation or garden table should have a stick vacuum in their arsenal of clean-up weapons. They are light weight and rechargeable, yet powerful enough to make short work of messes. Consider this: you drop a potted plant on the ground. That's never a fun cleanup, but a stick vacuum has enough power to suck up the potting soil without too much effort. (Plus, a bagless stick vacuum can also work as a retrieval system for a lost part or piece of a project.) A stick vac with a large head is best for carpeted workstations such as a sewing room, while a stick vac with a compact head is great for workstations with a hard floor surface, such as a woodwork shop or garden shed.



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